Roadmap for Developing an EU Methane Import Standard

Climate policy and strategy, Decarbonization of the oil and gas sector
Climate Strategy, Governence Frameworks, Methane, Regulation
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Roadmap, Workshop
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Clean Air Task Force (CATF)
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Roadmap for Developing an EU Methane Import Standard
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Project description

In 2023, the EU is to adopt a new proposal for the “Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on methane emissions reduction in the energy sector and amending regulation (EU) 2019/942””. To endorse regulation of energy imported to the EU (and not only of energy produced in the EU), CATF commissioned the development of a roadmap to create a methane import standard on gas being imported into the EU. This project aimed to bring together various expert viewpoints (through a workshop) to develop such a roadmap. 

To develop the roadmap, Carbon Limits performed a literature review was on various import policies, methane regulations, and the current methane intensity status related to oil and gas imported to the EU. Relevant stakeholders were identified and invited to a workshop, for which the organization and structure, including the design of "building blocks" used as discussion entry points, were handled. The workshop itself was conducted by Carbon Limits, with responsibilities including the moderation of discussions. The outcomes of the workshop were summarized, and "one-on-one" interviews were conducted with stakeholders to further elaborate on the findings. Finally, the gathered information was assembled into a roadmap, which was then presented in a comprehensive final report.


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