Maxime Malbranque
Maxime Malbranque
Working on: Decarbonization of the oil and gas sector, Biogas‚ agriculture and waste management, Other contributions, Low carbon hydrogen
August 2022

Maxime is a graduate from NTNU in Trondheim with a Msc in Industrial Ecology. Dedicating his master’s thesis to the study of alternative climate change mitigation scenarios, he directly jumped from the academic field to Carbon Limits to convert theory into action. Knowledgeable about Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Material Flow Analysis and Input-Output Analysis, his toolbox is completed by a master’s degree in multidisciplinary engineering at Ecole Centrale de Lyon which gave him experience with energy systems, computer science and project management. In Carbon Limits Maxime has supported the development and deployment of Mist, worked on methane emissions reduction and on LCA of various value chains.

On his free time Maxime is a boogie woogie dancer and has hardly any weekend free from his friends. No wonder he is so good at finding the right steps to solve whichever problem comes his way. 

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