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Climate change is real. But so is the difference you can make.

Choose a career that’s good for you and the planet! We are a diverse team of experts from different backgrounds, nationalities, and experiences who share the same values. We work with stakeholders from various sectors in over 60 countries, giving us a unique position in the market. Our challenging assignments take place in a dynamic work environment, allowing you to shape both your own and the company's areas of work. Join our close-knit team of passionate experts and make a meaningful impact with us.

Business and Finance Manager
Oslo, Norway
Carbon Capture and Storage Expert - Senior Advisor
Oslo, Norway
Senior or Principal Consultant - Carbon Capture and Storage
Oslo, Norway
Open Application
Oslo, Norway
December 30, 2023
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Data Protection Policy

Carbon Limits holds personal information of applicants to the company.  We hold the following types of data:

  • CVs
  • Contact details
  • Email correspondence
  • Call/meeting notes
  • Copies of certificates, references and work history

All personal information is held within our systems, which are secure, password protected and can only be accessed by Carbon Limits recruitment staff.

For any additional information and/or requests, please refer to info@carbonlimits.no.

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