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Carbon Capture and Storage Expert - Senior Advisor
Oslo, Norway
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Oslo, Norway
December 30, 2023
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Data Protection Policy

Carbon Limits is committed to protecting the personal data of job applicants in accordance with applicable data protection regulations. This Data Protection Policy outlines the types of data we collect, how it is used, and the retention periods.

Data Types Collected

We collect and process the following types of personal data from our job applicants:

  • CVs
  • Contact details (including names, addresses, and phone numbers)
  • Email correspondence
  • Call/meeting notes
  • Copies of certificates, references, and work history

Data Security

All personal information collected is stored within our secure systems, which are password protected and can only be accessed by authorized Carbon Limits recruitment representatives. We take appropriate measures to safeguard this data from unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction.

Data Retention Periods

  • Initial Stage Rejected Applicants: The data of applicants who are rejected at the initial stages of the recruitment process will be retained for a period of 4 weeks after the date of the last interaction with us, after which it will be securely deleted from our systems.

  • Assessment and Interview Stage Applicants: For individuals who progress to the assessment or interview stages, we will retain their data for a period of 6 months from the date of their last interaction with us. After this 2-month period, only their names and email addresses will be retained for an additional 10 months. After 10 months, their names and email addresses will be securely deleted.

  • Email correspondence: Email correspondence between applicants and members of the Carbon Limits recruitment team will remain within our email servers which are secure, protected, and password controlled.

Access to Personal Data

All personal data collected is accessible only by authorized Carbon Limits recruitment representatives, who are bound by confidentiality obligations.

Additional Information and Requests

For any additional information, requests, or inquiries related to your personal data and its processing, please contact us at info@carbonlimits.no.

We will respond to your inquiries promptly and in accordance with applicable data protection laws.

Carbon Limits reserves the right to update this Data Protection Policy to reflect changes in our data handling practices or legal requirements. Any updates will be posted on our website or communicated directly to affected individuals.

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