Carbon Limits – Making a difference to climate change mitigation

Making a difference to climate change mitigation

Extensive experience in emission reductions, carbon
and climate finance and policy advice.

Oil and Gas emissions

Carbon Limits has extensive experience in identification of emission reduction opportunities in the oil and gas sector and advice to governments and companies

Gas flaring
GHG accounting / MRV
Short-lived climate pollutants
(Methane, Black carbon...)

Carbon and Climate Finance

Carbon Limits works with public authorities, private companies, financial and non-governmental institutions to advise, analyze and deliver projects and insights on carbon and climate finance

Emision Trading Systems
Crediting mechanisms
Climate finance

Policy and Strategy

Carbon Limits provides experience on climate change policies and regulations, identification of barriers for project development and identification and analysis of mitigation options

Policies and regulations
Adaptation and resilience

Carbon Capture and Storage

Carbon Limits has a deep understanding of the whole CCS chain, from technical, economic and environmental perspectives.

Biogas and Waste to Energy

Carbon Limits has developed an expertise in credibly assessing sustainability and greenhouse gas emissions reduction from biogas production and consumption and from waste to energy chains.

About us

Carbon Limits works with public authorities, private companies, finance institutions and non-governmental organizations to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases primarily from energy sector operations. Our team supports clients in the identification, development and financing of projects that mitigate climate change and generate economic value, in addition to providing advice in the design and implementation of climate and energy policies and regulations.