Valentin Gentile
Valentin Gentile
Senior Consultant
Working on: Carbon capture utilization and storage, Biogas, agriculture and waste management, Carbon dioxide removal, Other contributions
April 2021

Valentin graduated from NTNU in Trondheim in 2019 with a MSc in Industrial Ecology. He is an expert in Material Flow Analysis (MFA), Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), climate change mitigation and waste management. Valentin participated in several innovation camps aiming at finding sustainable solutions for different actors around Norway. He has experience in entrepreneurship and worked as a freelance consultant specialized in dynamic MFA. On the side Valentin is also Daily Operations Manager at Wecycle, a local plastic recycling organization that he contributed to establish. Valentin joined Carbon Limits in 2021 and so far has participated actively in CCUS, biogas, waste and methane emissions reduction related projects. 

Originally from the Swiss Alps, Valentin never says no to a weekend in the mountains, a raclette, a fondue or a LCA. You could meet him on skis, see him climbing some tops or join him to enjoy a good vegetarian dinner.

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