Stephanie Saunier
Stephanie Saunier
Managing Director
Working on: Decarbonization of the oil and gas sector, Other contributions
August 2011

Stéphanie has dedicated her career to climate change mitigation, first working 4 years on CCS at Schlumberger and then joining Carbon Limits in 2011, covering a number of topics including methane management, biogas, emission reporting and gas flaring. Over the past decade she has worked extensively on these matters on behalf of regulators, NGOs, private companies, and development banks. Stephanie has been a central person on more than 40 studies on methane management in Europe, North America, central Asia and South America. Stephanie has a Master of Engineering and Management, from Ecole Nationale Superieure des Mines de Paris, and has performed the INSEAD Management Acceleration Program.

There is no limit to Stéphanie’s creativity. On the side, you can find her drawing, modelling and painting dragons and of course playing with her kids. She loves the outdoors and fell in love with Norwegian landscape and will not hesitate to spend her holidays skiing or pitching her tent in the middle of nowhere.

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