Stephan Gill
Stephan Gill
Principal Consultant
Working on: Climate policy and strategy, Carbon and climate finance
September 2023

Stephan Gill has been at the leading edge of preparation for the implementation of Article 6 of the Paris Agreement. Through this work, he has worked directly with several host country governments on Article 6 readiness, including developing Article 6 strategies and governance frameworks. He has also worked with carbon project developers on preparing transactions under the new international carbon market. He has proven ability to effectively deliver to a high standard in a collaborative style, and possesses a diverse range of skills, including as a fluent French speaker and a Chartered Management Accountant. 

Stephan spent many years living in Korea, and still gets regular cravings for spicy kimchi stew which are hard to satisfy in his hometown of Dublin. Stephan also dreams of applying his deep knowledge of useless information by entering TV quiz shows like Jeopardy or the Chase.  


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