Paula Macías Díaz
Paula Macías Díaz
Principal Consultant
Working on: Climate policy and strategy, Carbon and climate finance
October 2020

Paula has 8-year experience in the field of environment, energy and climate change mitigation in several countries. As consultant at Carbon Limits, she collaborates in the development and implementation of cooperative approaches and in the design of MRV systems for the Enhance Transparency Framework under the Paris Agreement. She worked as a consultant providing services to the energy sector and worked as the deputy director of mitigation policies at the Ministry of the Environment of Mexico. There, as head of the National Emissions Registry, she was a key resource in the design and implementation of the MRV system at the national level. Paula has supported governments, companies, and verification bodies to build capacity in MRV and ETS. Paula has a master’s degree in environmental sciences from University of Cologne.

Paula is a kitten magnet, which is why she is the super “cat rescuer” woman. In need of a smile? You can always count on her.   

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