Irina Ålund
Irina Ålund
Principal Consultant
Working on: Carbon dioxide removal, Carbon capture utilization and storage, Biogas, agriculture and waste management, Decarbonization of the oil and gas sector, Carbon and climate finance
September 2020

Irina is an economist with extensive experience in economic and environmental assessment of various mitigation measures and improvement of policies on climate change and greenhouse gas emissions mitigation. Before joining Carbon Limits in 2020, she worked as a senior advisor at the Norwegian Agriculture Agency where she has developed an expertise on biogas. In Carbon Limits Irina’s main fields of expertise are greenhouse gas emissions accounting and reporting, analysis of effects of various mitigation strategies in multiple sectors, methane emissions from agriculture, production and use of biogas, CCS and carbon removals. Over the past years she has participated in several projects analysing the potential for carbon markets development in several countries, including Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Georgia. Irina has also been working on evaluating the policies pertaining CCUS implementation in several countries, participated in several CCUS projects, as well as studied incentive mechanisms for Waste to Energy and CCS in Europe. Recently her focus has been on developing LCA tools for various CCS/CCUS value chains. Irina has a master’s degree in economics from the University of Oslo, Norway. She speaks fluent Russian, English and Norwegian.

Irina (otherwise called Ira as we have 3 Irina”s”) always has an ice breaker up her sleeve to make sure that cooperation within the team goes smoothly and is fun. During her train rides to work (that can sometimes be endless) she has managed to become a master of Sudokus!

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