Hanna Korniyenko
Hanna Korniyenko
Principal Consultant
Working on: Climate policy and strategy
May 2022

Hanna is a climate change policy and carbon markets consultant with 16 years’ experience. During her career, Hanna has contributed to analysis of international and national carbon and energy market dynamics, assessment of environmental and energy policies and legislation, identification of GHG mitigation policies for Eastern European and Central Asian countries. Her professional interests include emerging carbon markets and non-market policies and international negotiations. Over the last years, she has worked for private consulting companies and international technical assistance projects. She holds a MSc in Environmental Sciences and Policy from the joint programme of the Central European University and University of Manchester. 

Hanna’s fascination with nature started with trips with her grandparents around Ukrainian Polissya region, discovering rivers, streams, forests and meadows. In her off-time, Hanna prefers to explore the museums or cuddle up with a good science fiction book. Her motto is “Even if you fall, getting up and going on is what matters.”

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