Francois Sammut
Francois Sammut
Working on: Carbon and climate finance, Climate policy and strategy
March 2010

François has over 30 years of experience in the fields of climate change, cleaner production, water treatment and waste management. He has worked on and managed projects for government bodies, international finance institutions and private companies in over 30 industrial and commercial sectors. François has extensive international experience strong expertise in the identification and assessment of energy and resource efficiency projects, and determining their potential for attracting carbon and climate finance. For over 15 years François has been working almost exclusively on the identification and development of GHG mitigation projects, MRV (Monitoring, Reporting & Verification) for GHG emissions and on the design of emission trading systems and other carbon pricing instruments. 

He also has a near prescient ability to name the title and artist of any 80s pop song within half a second of hearing it.

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