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Resilience and adaptation

The implication of projected climate change on a society will to a very great extent depend on the resilience of its infrastructure, populations and businesses. Undertaking an assessment of the resilience to climate change of a sector, a business or even a single asset starts with determining how exposure and vulnerability to weather and climate events leads to potential climate risk. For the example, once a climate risk has been
identified, a business can be assessed to determine, inter alia, the resilience of a company’s physical assets and the resilience of the company’s activities or business model. If the audit confirms that the business has low resilience to climate risk an adaptation plan can be prepared, which will aim to identify what measures are needed for the company to adapt (i.e. to become resilient) to the potential climate risk.

Over the past years, Carbon Limits have been working increasingly on climate change vulnerability and adaptation studies, with particular emphasis on the impact of climate change on infrastructure projects and specifically within the energy sector.