Support to Kazakhstan's INDCs and Long-Term Carbon Budgets for its ETS

Climate policy and strategy, Carbon and climate finance
ETS, Climate Strategy
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Report / guidelines writing, Capacity Building
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Central Asia
Support to Kazakhstan's INDCs and Long-Term Carbon Budgets for its ETS

Project description

The project team is performing a number of activities to support the development and implementation of the Kazakh ETS:

• Providing technical support to the Competent Authority of Kazakhstan (Ministry of Environmental Protection) in implementation of MRV systems, based on EU Monitoring, Reporting and Verification Regulations.

• Support to the Ministry of Environmental Protection and its executive body (Zhasyl Damu) in the preparation of draft legislation and legislative instruments related to the implementation of the country’s ETS, including on wording and items to be included in the legislative instruments;

  • Support in development of the National Allocation Plan;
  • Establishment of sector specific state-of-the-art systems and procedures for reporting, data handling, assessment and quality assurance and control of GHG emission data to support the efforts of Kazakhstan in developing annual GHG inventories;
  • Assessment of opportunities to realize investments through support from international mechanisms for monetizing GHG emission reductions;
  • Support the development of well-functioning national institutions for promoting, reviewing and approving GHG reduction projects which may potentially access financing through the national or international carbon market;
  • Dissemination of information and advice to the Ministry of Environmental Protection on future developments in international climate change regime.


The team

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Francois Sammut
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