Workshop on oil and gas sector response to climate change in Iran

Carbon Limits, under Iranian-Norwegian agreement to cooperate in environmental issues, arranged a workshop to discuss technologies to reduce GHG emissions, water pollution and air environmental impacts from oil and gas systems. The workshop also focused on GHG management and environmental policies. The workshop covered the following themes:

  • Environmental dimensions of Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries
    • Air/GHGs emissions
    • Water/Waste water pollutants treatment
    • Soil contaminants and waste management
  • Climate Technical Responses to Oil , Gas and Petrochemical Industries
    • Measures to reduce flare emissions
    • Methane emission reductions, detecting emission sources, Costs/benefits of repairs
    • Emission to water from oil, gas and petrochemical industries: Mitigate, prevention and control technologies and measured to
    • The role of policies, regulation and international collaboration
    • Climate financing