The role of CCS in a carbon neutral Europe

With the increased ambition level of European climate policies, Carbon Capture and Storage may play an important role in achieving emission reductions. Carbon Limits and THEMA Consulting Group have prepared a report for the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, to assess how these increased ambitions may impact future deployment of CCS and the Norwegian full-scale CCS project.


The report focuses on four main themes:

  • The potential role of CCS in six key sectors and in hydrogen production.
  • Targets and policies initiated at the EU level of importance for CCS.
  • Policies and plans at the national level for nine countries.
  • A review of currently planned CCS projects.

The analysis and conclusions from these parts form the basis for the assessment of benefits from the Norwegian full-scale CCS project as a result of increased ambitions in European climate policies.


The report is available here

On September, 22nd 2020, a Government White Paper was submitted to the Norwegian parliament, in which the Government proposes to launch a carbon capture and storage (CCS) project in Norway. The project has been named ‘Longship’, in Norwegian ‘Langskip’. The White Paper refers to among other documents to the study carried out by Carbon Limits and Thema.