Small-scale Technologies for Utilization of Associated Gas


Carbon Limits was tasked by World Bank’s GGFR to provide an in-depth review of the technical and economic aspects of 15 gas utilization technologies applicable for small volumes of associated gas as well as comparing the financial prospects of implementing these utilization options on typical associated gas flare sites. The report in brief:

  • Presents an overview of small-scale gas utilization technologies, including mature technologies, those under pilot testing and those under or research,
  • Evaluates technical aspects of these technologies, namely their applicability ranges, physical characteristics of required feedstock, compositional requirements, limitations & flexibilities in handling variation in gas flowrate and composition, characteristics of the products, limitations to the applicability, modularity and scalability options, and other considerations,
  • Assesses costs corresponding to each technology in various conditions and scenarios,
  • Estimates achievable emission reductions as a result of implementation of each of these technologies,
  • Carries out abatement cost analysis for each technology and provide a comparison,
  • Presents two real-life case-studies.


The report is published by the World Bank in English and Russian


The report in English


The report in Russian