Direct detection and measurement of methane leaks in Ukraine

Carbon Limits has an ongoing collaboration on methane emission mitigation with the main Ukrainian gas production company UkrGasVydobuvannya (UGV). UGV is a vertically integrated company and produces around 15 BCM (billion m3) of natural gas per year, representing 75% of Ukraine’s total gas production. In this project, Carbon Limits successfully completed a pilot leak measurement and repair survey at two of UGV’s midstream facilities.

The campaigns successfully detected and quantified methane emission sources, which were repaired by UGV’s maintenance personnel at the sites immediately after detection. Several significant vents have been quantified, including the venting from liquid tanks. The data served as the basis to identify viable emissions reduction opportunities.

The campaign also served as a vehicle to increase awareness and draw the management’s attention to the scale of the issue: the leak detection eam was supported by the sites’ senior technical personnel, unit managers, the facilities’ own leak identification team and repair and support personnel.


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