Pilot Activities for Monitoring and Reporting of GHG Emissions and ETS Benchmarks Development

This assignment for the World Bank consists of two major components: pilot monitoring and reporting (M&R) projects and a benchmarking study. Under the first component Carbon Limits is supporting 9 installations in conducting pilot projects on preparation of a monitoring plan (MP) and an annual emission report (ER) for the following types of activities: fuel combustion, oil refining, production of iron and steel, production of ferrous alloys, production of cement, production of ammonia and production of coke. The pilot MPs and ERs shall be primarily based on the Commission’s Regulation (EU) No 601/2012 of 21 June 2012 on the monitoring and reporting of GHG emissions, together with the national-level MRV requirements to be developed with support of the PMR project.

The objective of the second component is to develop a set of GHG emission benchmarks suitable for use as an allowance allocation tool in the sectors considered for an ETS in Ukraine. The benchmarks development should reflect the country’s priority of embarking on the economic recovery along a low-carbon development path, and therefore provide incentives to carbon- and energy-efficient economic growth. The approach taken for benchmarks development has to reflect in a proper way the economic situation and technical conditions in potential ETS sectors and the country as a whole.