Overview of subsea methane emissions detection and quantification technologies

On behalf of Offshore Norge, Carbon Limits has prepared a report to provide oil and gas operators with a technological basis to assess subsea methane emissions detection and quantification technologies for oil and gas activities, tailored to their facilities and objectives. The report provides an overview of the criteria that operators should consider in selecting technology appropriate to their activities. Criteria are detailed for 10 detection and quantification technologies from 6 technology providers reviewed as part of these project and can be found in a series of Technology Data Sheets.


The document also presents other elements that can impact operator selection and deployment of methane detection and quantification technologies and more generally elements related to subsea methane emissions. The processes and challenges linked to quantifying the amount of anthropogenic methane released to the atmosphere from subsea emissions sources from oil and gas activities are also described.


Recognizing that there is neither a “one-size-fits-all” technology nor a “one-size-fits-all” technology combination yet, several examples of operators’ experiences with technology combinations are described, highlighting the benefits that can be provided by certain combinations.

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