MRV and MACC for Energy Generation and End Use Sectors NAMA in Sri Lanka

The project supports development of appropriate climate change mitigation actions in the energy generation and end-use sectors as part of the initiatives to achieve the voluntary GHG mitigation targets of Sri Lanka. Development of a robust, transparent and functional NAMA framework along with clear inventory and MRV system is needed in order to fill the gaps in assessing the impact of NAMA interventions. Such framework will systematically quantify GHG savings and benefits of the mitigation interventions using a bottom up approach to aggregate results from the provincial and sub-sector levels to the national and sectoral level. To help Sri Lanka set up a suitable NAMA framework, Carbon Limits

  • Reviewed and assessed the institutional arrangements,
  • Developed and delivered a Marginal Abatement Cost Curve (MACC) for Sri Lanka,
  • Designed and oversaw establishment of an MRV system.