Mist (Methane Inventory Systematic Tool)

Over the past few years, Carbon Limits has been putting its methane quantification expertise into an inventory software, called Mist – Methane Inventory Systematic Tool, with the support of McBain foundation, ClimateWorks and Quadrature. The tool is free for all oil and gas companies and allows them to easily develop their methane inventory no matter where they are in their methane journey, from the very first facility-level inventory to quantification using detailed engineering calculations and measurements. Mist allows to estimate emissions for 28 different emissions sources using a complete tool box of approaches and is fully compatible with OGMP 2.0 reporting. Mist also estimates abatement potential for any installation. All of this is presented in an easy to read dashboard and data can easily be extracted for reporting.

Carbon Limits is currently collaborating with OGCI and MGP to bring Mist to the next level with automatic development of an abatement cost curve for each site or company and improved user experience. The next version launch is planned for Jan 2023. In the meantime, do not hesitate to contact if you want to learn more about the tool and gain access to the current version!


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