Energy efficiency and GHG emission reductions in land-based Industry in Norway

The project was done in collaboration with Norsk Energy, and comprised the following activities:

  • Review of 293 measures relevant for land-based industry previously described by McKinsey for use by Enova SF and select 50 measures to be updated by the team of experts
  • Review of feasible timing, overall potential (number of applications in Norway), aggregated CAPEX curve, OPEX curve, changes in use of relevant energy carriers, energy efficiency gains and GHG emission impacts
  • Documentation of relevant data in a template suitable for further use by Miljødirektoratet for modelling of emissions and mitigation impacts on a national level using their new database “Klimatall”
  • Summary of all updated measures, including comparison with past estimates. Indication of total national potential for reductions in energy consumption and GHG emissions within sub-sectors (Aluminium, Ferro, etc.)