French-Norwegian Workshops on CCUS

For the past 15 years France and Norway have been collaborating on European CCS research projects. With the French company TOTAL notably involved in Sleipner and Snøhvit and more recently in Test Centre Mongstad and Northern Lights, and several industrial and research players participating to R&D projects, France is well positioned in the CCUS field. Norway and France should carry on working together in this arena as it is scientifically and financially beneficial for both countries.

The CCFN together with ClubCO2, Gassnova, Carbon Limits and TOTAL have organized a workshop between the 2 respective national CCUS associations aimed at fostering the relationship between the two countries. For this workshop, Carbon Limits reviewed the collaboration history between France and Norway on CCUS.

A follow up workshop was organized in Trondheim in June 2019 together with SINTEF.