Development of MRV Guides, Training, Help Desk and Activity-Specific Monitoring Methodologies Related to Installations

This assignment for the World Bank managed Partnership for Market Readiness (PMR) focuses on the development of the technical and supporting framework for the implementation of installation based MRV in Ukraine and consists of 4 major components:

(1) Development of the activity-specific monitoring methodologies to estimate GHG emissions at the installation level and guidelines for the application;

(2) Development of tools and templates for standardised and simplified monitoring and reporting to be used by installation operators during the process of monitoring and reporting of their emissions;

(3) Training for operators of the installations in the use of monitoring methodologies, guidance, templates, and tools developed by the project,

(4) Establishment and operation of the MRV Helpdesk supporting MENR/NCA’s implementation of Ukraine’s installation level MRV system.

Carbon Limits is responsible for full project management and delivery of products. Technical experts from Carbon Limits are leading the work on development of monitoring methodologies, preparation of guidance documents, tools and templates and for training and capacity building.