Climate Change Assessment of Energy-Water Nexus in Zambezi River Basin & Southern African Power Pool

The “Climate Change Assessment of the Energy-Water Nexus in the Zambezi River Basin” project is a World Bank-funded research initiative designed to address the major uncertainties facing energy and water sector development in the region, and to deepen understanding among stakeholders of the risks to the power sector from changes in climate and increased upstream water demand.

Researchers from University of Cape Town, Carbon Limits, Centre for Energy Environment Engineering Zambia (CEEEZ), University of Zambia, OneWorld Sustainable Investments, and University of Eduardo Mondlane have been developing and applying a set of electricity and water supply and demand modelling tools to the Southern African Power Pool (SAPP) and the Zambezi River Basin, building on recently completely work under the World Bank “Addressing the Climate Vulnerability of African Infrastructure” programme.

The results of the analysis point to dramatic potential negative impacts on not only individual hydropower investments, but on total system generation costs and greenhouse gas emissions.