CDM Project: Pan Ocean Gas Utilization (Nigeria)

Gas flaring, the process of burning residual gas during oil production, is a common process in Nigeria. In the Ovade-Ogharefe oil field, Carbon Limits has participated in a project to use the associated gas as a resource rather than wasting it, which effectively reduces CO2 emissions for the country. Instead of being flared, the gas from the field is being captured, processed and injected into a pipeline for transport to a power plant. Carbon limits has conducted the process of qualifying the project as a certified CO2 emission reduction, generating carbon credits to be sold in a market. Carbon limits has defined the baseline scenario (what the emissions would have been without the project), proved the additionality of the project, has qualified the project with the regulatory authorities and has commercialized the carbon credits. The team has also designed a monitoring plan for the emission reductions, and is responsible for its management over the whole lifetime of the project. The project has been successfully registered and implemented, and provides large, measurable and long-term emission reductions in Nigeria. Over ten years, the net greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions will be reduced by more than 13 million tons of CO2 equivalent.

For more information, see UNFCCC website