CCS Ready study – CO2 transport expertise

New power plants, cement factories, refineries and other industrial facilities keep on building in developing Asia and elsewhere. While, this is necessary for human well-being and economic development, it is important that these facilities are designed to be climate friendly. Due to various technical and economic reasons it may not be possible to make them zero emission facility from very beginning but, later on whenever, it is possible they will have to be upgraded to be GHG free facilities. From experience it is understood that the cost of incorporating CO2 abatement will reduce substantially if CCS ready features are included in the design. Current exercise is to understand ways and means of achieving CCS readiness in different industrial segments and means of implementing CCS ready projects. The project aims at producing a report describing the requirements for different industries to be CCS ready.

In this project, Carbon Limits on behalf of the Asian Development Bank prepared a section of a CCS ready report on CO2 transportation readiness. The tasks performed by Carbon Limits included but were not limited to:

  1. Working closely with the team leader and decide the requirements for a ‘CCS ready’ project with respect to need for transportation
  2. Taking into account different modes of transport (e.g road, pipeline, shipping etc) and give a generalized understanding of current costs
  3. Including guidance on environmental and safety conditions for the CO2 transport
  4. Providing additional support to the other experts (Capture) on CO2 transport.