Carbon Footprint Tool – CCS Chain in Norway

On behalf of Gassnova SF, Carbon Limits  together with DNV GL have created a tool to calculate the carbon footprint of the Norwegian Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Demonstration project (NCD) value chain. The tool was created following ISO standards 14040, «Life Cycle Analysis – principles and framework», and 14044, «Life Cycle Analysis – requirements and guidelines». The objective of the tool is to quantify the carbon footprint of the NCD project over the lifetime of the project (construction / operation /post injection / decommissioning / post closure). As the purpose of the NCD project is to store CO2 to mitigate climate change, evaluating the emissions of greenhouse gases per ton of CO2 stored is important for the project. The tool has been successfully tested on a case study and will be used by Gassnova SF after the FEED studies are completed.