Assessing the business case for a biogas plant on the islands of Finnøy and Rennesøy

On behalf of Rogaland County Council, Carbon Limits has along with their partner NMBU (Norwegian University of Life Sciences), assessed the feasibility to establish a biogas plant at the islands of Finnøy and/or Rennesøy. The islands, that are located just north of Stavanger, have a high concentration of animal manure and fish waste, which are well-established feedstocks for biogas production. The region also has, as the only region in Norway, an extensive gas distribution network, which makes the distribution of biogas relatively easy compared to the rest of the country.


The estimate of cost and revenues of the value chain developed in the project, gives a slightly negative result but there is high uncertainty and there are (economic) reasons to engage in biogas production in the area, not reflected in the main estimate of financial results. An estimate of climate assessment within the methodology of EU RED II gives a climate benefit of above 100 %, meaning the value chain may lead to what is referred to as “negative emissions”.


The assessment entailed engaging with numerous stakeholders, including local farmers, who will be very important stakeholders if the plant is built.


The report is available in Norwegian. If you wish to hear more about this, and other work we do in the field of biogas, do not hesitate to get in touch with Kaja Voss.


Photo credit: Kjell Helle-Olsen

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