Arctic oil and gas producing countries – methane emissions abatement study

Carbon Limits completed a project funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment to improve the knowledge of the oil and gas sector methane abatement potentials and costs in Arctic countries. Arctic countries represent about 40% of the global oil and gas production and account for a large part of global methane emission from the sector.

This study focused on the main oil and gas producing countries in the Arctic: Russia, USA, Canada and Norway.

Emissions per sector from UNFCCC reports were used as a starting point for the analysis. Emission were then estimated for each emission source. When relevant an abatement option was defined, and the abatement potential, abatement cost and investment requirement were estimated.

Emission factors and CAPEX distributions were used to reflect the variability of the emissions per site. This approach is different than other abatement cost studies published and aims at reflecting more closely the variable attractiveness of the abatement projects as experienced in the field.

Together with a public report available below, Carbon Limits delivered tableau® dashboards available at the following address:

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