Policies and regulations – Carbon Limits


Policies and regulations

Climate mitigation policies are increasingly being strengthened nationally and internationally as a response to the growing climate change threat. Our team has been involved in climate change policy-making since the early 1990s and thus has developed an unparalleled knowledge on these complex questions, working with both the private companies and the public sector.Climate policy analysis and strategy

Carbon Limits works with its clients to investigate climate change policies from both a risk management and a business opportunity angle. We provide up-to-date analysis of climate policy and market developments; and organize workshops on the current and future changes in national and international climate frameworks. Finally we have assisted both governments and private companies in defining strategies needed for sustainable development and growth in a carbon constrained world.

Climate change mitigation

We have supported both governments and private companies in developing effective action plans to mitigate emissions of greenhouse gases. We offer invaluable expertise in the development of workable and effective strategies for cost-effective greenhouse gas abatement.


Our team provides detailed studies on a large variety of topics:

  • Economic impact analysis of potential climate policies on a specific sector
  • Energy policy and techno economic analysis
  • Prospects for future climate policy measures
  • Implementation and linking of emission trading schemes