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Oil and gas emissions

Close to 2 billion tons of CO2e are being emitted into the atmosphere every year from oil and gas operations as a result of fugitive emissions, venting, and flaring. Carbon Limits is passionate about the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve energy efficiency of oil and gas operations across the globe and, specifically, in the developing countries, where there is often insufficient investments in environmental aspects of oil and gas operations.

The team works closely with companies and multilateral banks to identify and assess emission reduction opportunities in the oil and gas sector, advise on site-specific technical solutions, costs, and financing options to bring emission reductions projects to reality.

Our team provides expert advice on:

Gas flaring and venting

  • Country/regional assessment of the gas flaring situation
  • Identification of potential gas utilisation projects
  • Comparison of gas utilisation options for a site or a cluster
  • Techno-economic assessment of gas utilization options
  • Implementation of procedures for accurate and auditable emissions reduction monitoring

Methane emissions in the Oil and Gas sector

  • Estimation of the emissions from a facility/region
  • Identification of emission reduction projects across a client´s operation or across a specific sector/region
  • Techno-economic assessment of emission reduction projects
  • Implementation of procedures for accurate and auditable emissions´monitoring

Energy efficiency

  • Benchmark analysis
  • Analysis of energy losses and mass and energy balances
  • Optimization of energy-consuming equipment
  • Heat and power integration, including optimum use of waste heat
  • Integration/optimization opportunities with neighbouring facilities

CO2 injection and CCS

  • CO2 Injection
  • Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)
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