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GHG accounting / MRV

Monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) is a corner stone of any effective effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Carbon Limits worked on MRV issues in a wide variety of sectors and contexts, from renewable energy to industrial production and from CDM to emission trading, domestic offsets, and corporate greenhouse gas reporting.

MRV of emissions in the oil and gas sector presents specific challenges due to complexity of the operations, continuous fluctuations in the production and large project magnitudes. Our unique insight on the oil & gas operations make us well placed to offer advice on monitoring and recording the impact of emission mitigations measures at oil and gas installations.

Under GHG accounting and MRV umbrella, Carbon Limits provides expert advice on:

  • Development of monitoring and reporting protocols
  • Corporate accounting and carbon disclosure
  • Robust methodologies and tools for accurate emissions monitoring
  • Preparation of monitoring, reporting and verification protocols suitable for the oil and gas sector
  • Pre-verification audits, preparation of monitoring reports and assistance in interaction with third-party verifier or the regulator
  • Capacity building on monitoring and reporting procedures
  • Support in management of ETS obligations


Monitoring, reporting and verification experience

Our team has developed  deep technical and methodological expertise as well as practical tools for accurate monitoring reporting and reliable reporting through development of new offset methodologies and helping operators to address MRV issues in countries as varied as Norway, Qatar, Iran, Russia and Uganda.

Carbon Limits also supports companies reporting emissions in countries such as Kazakhstan and Ukraine who are developing their own emission trading schemes.


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