Who we are -

Who we are

Carbon Limits was formally established in June 2005, but its origins date back to the early 1990’s. The company grew out of the energy and carbon services of ECON (now Poyry Norge), a leading Scandinavian consultancy.

With projects in more than 20 countries, Carbon Limits has garnered an extensive experience in the identification and development of emission reduction opportunities in traditional energy sectors, but also in capacity building and policy advice. Our geographical focus includes Africa, Russia, Central Asia and Middle East where the company has access to a network of local partners and government contacts.

Today we are a diverse team of engineers, economists, and policy experts with a focus on mitigation in the oil and gas sector, carbon and climate finance, emission reduction policies and MRV.

Our Team

Stephanie Saunier

Managing Director

Stephanie Saunier has been working  on greenhouse gas emissions mitigation in the petroleum sector since 2006. Over the last five years, she has managed a number of projects related to gas flaring and methane emissions from Oil and gas systems

François Sammut


François Sammut is specialized in the fields of climate change, energy efficiency and waste management, with specific experience and expertise in climate change mitigation and carbon and climate finance. He has extensive international project expertise, particularly in Africa, Russia and Central Asia.

Hesam Darani

Principal Consultant

Hesam works closely on techno-economic analysis of emission reduction/energy efficiency projects, best practice greenhouse gas abatement technologies, supporting clients in identification and development of mitigation projects as well as monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) of emissions. As petroleum engineer, he is interested in developing practical solutions for environmental/climate issues, particularly in the energy and O&G sector.

Olga Gassan-zade

Principal Consultant

Olga has an extensive experience in the field of climate policy, low carbon instruments and measures, institutional capacity building and policy design. Her consulting work covers a broad span of issues including set-up of emission trading schemes, greenhouse gas management, UNFCCC negotiation process, project mechanisms, and greenhouse gas inventories.

Marc-Alexander Bergauer

Principal Consultant

Marc-Alexander is a petroleum engineer with 10-year experience. He has been working internationally in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East where he has been an integral part of developing oil and gas projects, particularly towards GHG mitigation & climate issues. He oversaw the development of CDM Projects and has experience related to climate finance.  He also has been working on power generation and distribution projects, including renewable energy projects.

Gaëlle Cauchois

Principal Consultant

Gaëlle has been working for more than 10 years in the field of climate change mitigation, developing an expertise in CO2 capture, transport and storage (CCS). Gaëlle has been involved in numerous projects for technical as well as economic and environmental assessments of value chains. Recently, Gaëlle has carried out projects on abatement measures for SLCPs and on waste and biofuels.

Peter Brown

Principal Consultant
Peter started in Carbon Limits after over ten years of experience with climate and energy issues in the Norwegian ministries of Petroleum and Energy and of Climate and Environment. His work has consistently been on policies on the transition to a low-emission society, and measures in the energy system. His last role in the Ministry of Climate and Environment was as Deputy Director responsible for Enova, where his work consisted of assessments of climate measures and analysis of policy instruments.

Irina Isakova

Senior Consultant

Irina Isakova is a climate change and energy consultant, focusing on economic and policy analysis. Irina has been involved in several projects on emission inventories of greenhouse gases and short-lived climate pollutants, as well as their abatement potential. She has also taken part in techno-economic analysis of gas utilization options and supported research work on gas flaring regulations benchmarks and has developed an expertise in greenhouse gas assessment for biogas.

Kaja Voss

Senior Consultant

Kaja has been working in the field of mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions from the transport sector for the past six years. She managed studies contributing to a low emission and high standard transportation system in Norway through her engagement in the National Transport Plan (NTP). She proposed pricing policies and incentives for low and zero emission technologies, studied how to improve public transport and city planning. She is an expert in cost benefit analysis in the transport sector.

Benjamin Heras Cruz


Benjamin is a methane emission and CCS expert. Before joining Carbon Limits he worked within the Mexican federal government in several positions as technical and international affairs advisor in the climate change agenda in the oil and gas sector, both in the Ministry of Environment and the Agency for Safety, Energy and Environment.

Manon Simon


Manon studied business engineering at NHH in Bergen and at Université catholique de Louvain in Belgium. Her specialization is in energy, climate and environment. So far, Manon has been working on projects related to Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage and methane emissions along the value chain.

Jane Lilletvedt

Accountant - Admin support

Jane is our accountant and support our activities to help us make a difference to climate change mitigation. Jane graduated from BI Business School and is currently completing a Master of public administration.

Randall Spalding-Fecher

Senior advisor

Randall Spalding-Fecher has 20 years’ experience in energy and climate change analysis. He has special expertise in Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) methodology and project development, results-based climate finance, and climate impacts on hydropower, and has worked extensively as a consultant to the UNFCCC.

Tore Holm

Senior Advisor

Tore Holm has ~30 years’ experience in the International and Norwegian Oil and Gas business, primarily with Shell. He has been with Carbon Limits since 2012. He also chairs the board of Enova, a public enterprise to drive forward the changeover to more environmentally friendly consumption and generation of energy in Norway.

The Founders

Arve Johnsen

Chairman and partner

Ministry of Industry (1971 and 1972) and advisor to the UN on oil matters (1991-1996). First CEO of Statoil and board member of many international and norwegian companies.

Torleif Haugland


Torleif Haugland has more than 25 years’ of management experience in international energy and environmental and economic policies. Partner and director at ECON Analysis (1991-2007).

Paul Parks

Paul has 25 years experience in the energy, environmental and development field. including financial manager for upstream oil and gas companies and corporate economist for a major gas transmission company.