Carbon Limits helps Senegal set up next generation of carbon crediting for energy access

In July 2017, Senegal’s Ministries of Environment & Sustainable Development (MEDD) and Energy & Renewable Energy Development (MEDER) formally launched the first pilot of the Standardized Crediting Framework (SCF) for Energy Access.

The SCF is supported by the World Bank’s Carbon Initiative for Development (Ci-Dev) as an effort to combine various CDM reform elements into a streamlined and simplified approach to results-based climate finance for energy access. The SCF will also inform the development of the rules for crediting for energy access under the Paris Agreement.

The findings of the pilot will be particularly relevant for contributing to the technical discussions on new market mechanisms, such as baselines, avoiding double counting, and monitoring, reporting & verification (MRV). The pilot will also enhance understanding of the interactions between carbon finance and results-based climate finance, and their role in supporting the energy access agenda in low income countries.

The first SCF Pilot is in Senegal, and will initially be limited to rural electrification, based on a program led by the Senegalese Rural Electrification Agency (Agence Sénégalaise d’Électrification Rurale – ASER).  The rules and governance structure for the pilot were prepared by Carbon Limits AS and Climate Focus and are available at the websites below: [English] [French]